The Magi's Vision

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable." - John F. Kennedy

The Choice Ahead

If we can predict the outcome,
can we change it?

If we move on in the way we have in the past few hundred years, we would go on a downward spiral leading to these buzz words: Phones, credit cards, debts, data bases, legal issues, medical problems, cell phones, video, mental pollution, spiritual insanity, digital insanity, highway fast lane, GPS, face recognition cameras, thumb print ID, presence detectors, security, accountability via nanotech flu shots, Orwell's '1984' visions, the continuous state of high alert mega emergency and global homeland security, collar controls, and your home is your prison.

The trigger events are then computer hacking, global net worms, high tech viruses, cinema and mall bombings, random assassination of the mega power elite, bio-chem events, smallpox infested agents, and the big one nuclear event. The upside of this downward spiral scenario is no need for credit card and debt, lying is obsolete, no more need to tell the truth, few unilaterally dishonest dysfunctional relationships, reduced time spending on cheating and lying, less sales, less people, reduced retail activity, no real estate, water world.

The downside of the scenario is the total, final and comprehensive economic meltdown of a million times the 9-11 proportions, complete system overload, triaging of logistical and medical infra-structures, racial and socio-economic profiling, sky-rocketing addictive behavior, drug abuse, medicine abuse, human abuse, and mental illness, mass hysteria, as many prison guards as prisoners, more police and army than humans, underclass riots, mayhem and chaos world wide. And World War IV will be fought with stones and sticks, as Einstein correctly pointed out...

The main issues we face in making a decision of which way to go, back to the future or forward to cleaning up the planet, are in essence that we must face the crumbling of the world wide economic financial house of cards to come down to open our view to ancient wisdom and sacred knowing, to stop the 'borrowing' from the future, today versus tomorrow, live in the now, while tomorrow never dies, as the case may be.

Over population and imbalanced growth, the anti-Darwinian triage of high medical cost to fight the addictive mass populace, the senior euthanasia issue, the abusive child education towards competitive and anti-social behavior, instead of making them cooperate playfully with each other, and ultimately the understanding of spiritual life force, i.e. right of life vs. freedom of choice, drilling the planet to death for petroleum instead of looking for energy in outer space, the epidemic disease control, Cancer, aging, and more, as opposed to celebrating Gaia, the world, the vision, the peace, the universal happiness.

A voice of reason in the back of a sane mind says:
"Hold on a second, what if..." Well - what if what?

The Way Of The Magician

An ideal view at optimum human potential as seen as a way to constructively use the planetary movements over the next few years would involve the implementation toward the following result:

The Western world reduces its over-consumption and competition-driven behavior. Schools teach children love and cooperation. No competitive sports are allowed. We understand that we cannot over-populate and abuse this planet's finite resources.

War and conflict, drama and disorder are archaic notions, spiritually repugnant, and obsolete. Violent video games and negative movies or destructive music and are noises of the past, which very few choose to consume.

Recreational drugs become legal yet are only consumed by a few helpless cases, the dwindling few outcasts are on their way out, or integrate to a sane humanity. People will embrace life rather than run away from reality. Most people telecommute and home school, thus making traffic and mental pollution a thing of the past.

People live a productive life and do meaningful things to contribute to a cooperative spirit, living well past 120 years of age. Cancer and diseases disappear. Local energy sources are free of cost, there is no hunger nor starvation. There are no more homeless people. Medical care has diminished. The world's population heads toward a sustainable three billion, down from six, over a century.

Biological, chemical, and nuclear arsenals are brought together under the control of world management authority, and deactivated in a shrine of peace. These enormous energy devices are to be used only in an emergency case scenario to protect our planet from a meteor or comet impact. All armies are reduced to nil. There exist no prisons, with exception of mental asylums for those who ran the world until now.

The giant metropolis conglomerations of millions of people such as New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Paris, etc. are decentralized to manageable communities. Giant corporate conglomerates of economic super power are split up into local service providers and healthy, smaller companies.

Crime is minimal, greater equal opportunity exists, and the few remaining offenders are treated educationally for anti-social behavior, rather than to be thrown together in compounds of millions of humans guarded by tens of thousands of 'guards' to produce more mental illness.

Intellectual property notions of the past and copyright ownership give way to financial support for scientists and mystics, and magicians of world repute. Authors, artists, creators, inventors, engineers, and innovative thinkers are treated in the not too distant future in a similar way as sports', movie and rock stars were treated in the past.

The focus is on playing, meditating, learning, teaching, working together in a non-competitive way, and cooperating in a 'harm none' universal law becomes the new standard of faith. Astrology will be regarded as the sacrosanct and final gateway to the stargate.

The web becomes a democratically free and accessible global 'omni-net' or digital village. Virtual reality gives way to ordinary farmland living and healthy human behavior. Media and television consumption is minimal, apart from educational productions promoting all of the above. Creating in an atmosphere of free thinking is promoted to the level of Nobel Prize worthy activity.

The mindless mental opiate and sedatives for crowd control such as 'religions' are transformed to a healthy, functional and sane forum of conversation and discussion, to take place in neighbourhoods and salons, or at home and in fine inexpensive restaurants.

The idea of property or 'real' estate, and 'time' sharing is obsolete. We all understand that we are tenants of time, living on borrowed time, and that our abode is this blue planet which we all help to manage, and to share, and to protect. We look at small things, cultivate flowers, and play with animals, become one with nature. We sail and live near the oceans, where life is formed.

We form meaningful and longer lasting relationships both privately and at work, and at play, we all contribute to educate beautiful children who will carry the torch of a galactic belief system based on star magic into a not to distant future. This future begins now, in 2002.

The new millennium 'beauty' is everywhere. Super models don't market cars, fashion and beauty products, they parade literature and constructive behavior instead. We all embrace a new way to align our passions to pursuit of a new ethic and aesthetics world wide, while respecting each other's cultures and past roots.

People and races mix to become one. We are the ones we have been waiting for. No messiah is expected. No heads of states are needed. No governments exist. We all work and play together as a large universal team of humans, devoted to the quest for the absolute.

On our way towards the absolute we discover the secret formula of life, the cosmic seeds of wisdom, energy healing, remote viewing, quantum mechanics' action at a distance observation, zero point energy, homeopathy, synchronicity, the secrets of the shamans, migration of peoples, nuclear and biological transmutations, and the way to an Atlantean and inter-galactic society of inter-planetary species. We become consciously aware, and acutely conscious.

We ultimately close the giant gaps of knowing still existent by going back to the principles of inter-disciplinary learning, we educate 'renaissance men and women' for a new century and millennium. We accept what Dr. Robert Solomon of the Intellergy Institute calls 'multi-dimensional thinking', or what astronaut Dr. Ed Mitchell calls 'The Way Of The Explorer'; and what the magician St.Clair calls mystical science, or scientific mysticism, or simply 'high magic', and embrace a new world view. We accept truth based beliefs as opposed to myth based cults and practices like 'religions'. And we enforce it globally.

And we understand that: 'To win without fighting is best', so said Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese philosopher and author of 'The Art Of War'. We embrace the Art of love, or the art of art. What I call 'The Art Of Magic'. We all live by one reference frame work only:

Harm None!
That is the vision of the magician.
You think we can do it? Try it! Do it! Then go teach it!

"As soon as we realize the disparity between how we perceive things and how things and events actually exist, it prompts us to see through the deception, illusions, and misconceptions of this fundamental ignorance. This allows us, eventually, to release our minds from the influence of ignorance, and from the grip of conceptual thought processes. And this in turn makes it possible for the nature of mind to be released from the influence of negative emotions and delusions, and so attain true cessation of suffering."

Passage 11 ** 2009 - 2011 Outlook

St.Clair was born in Switzerland. Studied law & political sciences at Zurich University; served as a Swiss army officer - assisting a general - before leaving Europe, beginning his career advising high-profile clients in special situations world-wide.

While he applied his knowledge as strategic astro-physicist, he built a steady record of vast and highly accurate economic, social and political predictions, for which he is esteemed.

St.Clair is the author of internationally acclaimed Light-Seeds, also available in three books: Zen of Stars - Advancing The Light, Zen of Stars - Designing A Sane World and the sequel FORESEEN Beyond Time.