The Magi's Vision

This is the 'book' I never meant to write. In the light of current developments in world affairs, I was asked by good clients and friends to write a narrative of trend analysis and predictions for the next couple of decades. I decided to structure the narrative simply by astrological order and chronological dates, year by year, planetary transit by planetary transit. In the light of historical process, collective destiny is soon becoming less of an optional commodity.

22 - twice eleven - corresponds to a microcosmic picture of the universe in time, based on the 22 chapters of 'Revelations' in the Bible's Apocalypse, the 22 Hebrew letters, and the 22 major arcana cards in tarot, the double cycle of eleven. We will come back to these figures and magic numbers later. Passage 11 is named after the eleven planets and the 11th path in the Kabbalah, or the Magician's high number of destiny. And it is structured in eleven passages covering the developments of the following topics and subjects: World Affairs, United States Of America, Europe, Middle East, Far East / Asia / China, High Technology, High Finance, Energy, Spirituality, Choices and Priorities, Conclusion and Recommendations.

To come to my conclusions I have considered the movement and development of the eleven planets: Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, and their interactions to one another over the past two thousand and the next two hundred years. This knowledge is pure astronomy, or simply the neutral, scientific mathematics of sacred geometry, spanning 22 centuries of mankind's history in its ongoing process. My previous books delineate the larger picture beyond our space-time, teaching a methodology of the why & how of formulating a prediction. Here, I confine my narrative on purpose to an unabridged and not to be further edited message basing itself both on the mathematics of time as presented in the appendix, and on my own psychic recall and channeled message and imagery system. The text and the chart speak for themselves, as time will be the judge of how accurate my predictions will be. For now, I am summarizing my books in 11,900 words, 'eleven's executive summary, to be sure, for 11900=11.

As I predicted in 1995, the beginning of the war would be secret. As I predicted in 1999, there would be a ballot recount, which George W. Bush would win. The beginning of the Third Millennium on 1.1.2001 with Venus in Aquarius squared by Saturn in Taurus would mean the excesses of Wall Street would come to an abrupt end, accompanied by the departure of Clinton, Gore, and Ehud Barak, which is exactly what happened. I predict a powerful comeback for the side that lost, once we know the details of the vote fraud and Enron's manipulation in fall of 2000. There is a direct correlation, which Pluto in Sagittarius digs up. Time will tell...

As I predicted in 2000, Sharon would become Israel's Prime Minister, he would face down his decade old nemesis Yasser Arafat. That initial assumption of correct predictions was and is in and by itself enough to extrapolate the future. In 2001, before the fall of the twin towers in Manhattan - aptly symbolized by Saturn (timeless architectural structure) in Gemini (twins) opposed by Pluto in Sagittarius (Karmic retribution for offenses against the truth of faith) - I predicted both Arafat and Sharon would be assassinated, Bush's vice president would come under scrutiny and ultimately be replaced, and Europe would start to break apart within a few years. People did not like my views.

And as I predicted in 1995, in a novel, misguided financiers (ENRON) would have bought the Bush Presidency and its hidden agenda for a take over of the world, and its ultimate demise would ensue quite logically, and all things considered right on schedule. "People plan, and God laughs." Such was the last line of my last book, Icons of Destiny.

Animals sense danger, move away from it, towards food and play-mates, while we court self-destruction and avoid human contact, live a virtual reality, date the web, eat junk food, and lose our collective subconscious memory so needed for the survival of our species. I find it stunning to see that my predictions are chill-fully precise, easy to understand, and empowering, while nobody pays attention. Perhaps this cute text will be looked at - in hindsight, when it will be too late to grasp the real 'embedded' message.


So then, let us begin once more with the beginning: the time imprint on the new moon in Aquarius, the Chinese New Year, the year of the Dark Horse, so reminiscent of the Lord Of the Rings. A magician tells his apprentice: "It is up to you to decide what you do with the time allotted to you." This memo is about time...

I begin this narrative on an early Sunday afternoon, February 10th, 2002, at a point when the world is focusing on three theaters of operations: Enron and its ramifications, the so-called 'war on terror' which is spreading like a phantom epidemic all over the world, with no tangible results, reminiscent of the 'war on drugs', and the show-down between Arafat and Sharon, which will ultimately open the final can of worms, the box of Pandora in the Arab world of fundamentalist Islam versus fundamentalist Judaism versus fundamentalist Christians, led by the Vatican and the matrix around the Bush family. That third theater of operations is where the real war will begin.

On this day I am over-looking the island of Palm Beach, after seven years, on a very gray and sullen, rainy day. Black clouds hang menacingly low over the Atlantic, close to the vortex of Atlantis, while fog banks waft across the tropical warm air. It is an eerie day, as I read the NY-Times and its analysts' opinions. But my job is to see the larger picture and to detach from the here and now for a little while, to show you the unfolding. Friends and a security adviser check in from time to time to get copies of my writings notarized. There is a serene sense of imminent emergency, the type of situation I was trained twenty years ago today to face with detachment and equanimity when I served as a Special Forces commander in Geneva. All I can do is point out risks and opportunities. You do the math; figure it out!

The moon is touching on my ruling planet Neptune in Aquarius, denoting a psychic moment to come. In a few hours, many planets will converge upon Uranus in Aquarius, bringing about a new beginning, a Chinese New Year, named after the water horse - causing a possible surprise announcement, entailing an unexpected event in world politics, and my issuing my books to a decent publisher - to inform the world of its developments, as a possible result. Let's try...

Mars is in Aries, in rulership of war, adding to the urgent drive, and Mercury retraces its steps in the last degree of Capricorn, in a star-gate to Capricorn's ruling planet Saturn which is also standing still - marking time - in Mercury's twin sign of Gemini. I conduct interesting studies about sedatives for crowd control in a time of change. My inner psychic feeling tells me we are about to enter these times of 'forced passage'. I am aware that people hate change, and that change never happens as a free will choice for betterment, or as an option - sadly so, but alas, rather, that change comes from primal necessity - enforced. We should indeed induce change.

The Saturn-Pluto opposition of 9-11 is about to be perfect again in a hundred days from finishing this message. You need to understand that what I offer here is a gift which nobody forced or coerced me to share. I could have kept it all to myself and got a life. Instead, I considered it my choice mission to inform you of what I feel to be my knowing, my psychic recall ability, backed up by the mathematics of time called astrology. I have no allegiance to any belief system or political agenda, I work based on the birth charts of nations, their respective leaders, and the few men and women yet to become world leaders.

I advise you to remember that we have a human, God given freedom of choice, and with it the charge to change the outcome of a prediction once we know it, which is a truth of quantum physics and of 'non-local resonance' in space-time. If your vessel's navigational GPS and radar monitor signals a hurricane ahead of you, at a certain time, in a certain space, what would you do? Sail into it with oblivion and obliterate yourself and your shipmates, or sail out of danger, just in time?

To summarize my summary before I dish out my predictions, I may make a simple suggestion: Sail away with me - what will be, will be! If we want to find new land, we must leave old shores for a long time. Follow me - the credible magician and accurate astrologer - and do approach the sacred, as I try to show you the options, the choices of free will, and the fate awaiting us all. My smart clients know my piece of advice to them well: Let's not compromise ourselves, for we are all we have got left. We ask for advice when we already know the answer, yet wish we did not.

Part One: A Time Scale

Linear Developments & Astrological Extrapolations

The state of the union of humanity is one of spreading negativity, if not showing clearly the psychoanalytical symptoms of the beginning of mass hysteria. A sense of doom and gloom permeates the atmosphere as a sporting event such as the Winter Olympics begins amidst extreme yet idiotic security. The games are safe.

Meanwhile, a fleet of missing cargo ships and submarines are transporting their lethal cargo on the seven seas; to begin the germ and nuclear warfare described in Nostradamus' prophecies for 2003 and beyond. At the same time, innocent people are held in U.S. prisons in the name of 'homeland security', courtesy of Jupiter in Cancer. Nationalism is starting to run rampant again, and some intellectuals are being told to shut up. We are reminded of McCarthy's era. Maybe the detached views of an astrologer with a proven track record of written, accurate predictions can shed light into the obscure caves of history in the making. What is cooking?

During an economic world summit in New York - which the Swiss rejected to hold on their neutral grounds for safety reasons - many respectable, important and brilliant leaders from around the world humbly informed General Powell that his unilateral way of managing Bush's agenda is not acceptable to a joint endeavor of uniting a modern world against an ancient and intolerant or violent belief system, to which the Aries Powell responded that he was not interested in hearing 'intellectuals' views', committing a grave error of judgment as head of diplomacy towards his peers from France, Germany, England, and Japan. He will eat his words by the time Uranus moves into Aries around April 2011. Violence begets violence. He should have been taught this in his military academy times. Why is a warrior in charge of peace keeping? A simple question. Colin Powell has been termed by Western Capitals as an 'unacceptable partner for conversations'. It occurs to some people that a leader of foreign diplomacy ought to be fluent in many languages, or have something else to offer on his resume than an unfinished Gulf War - but, never mind.

Israeli military officers have signed a declaration to make it known that they denounce the methods and marching orders of their commander-in-chief Sharon to be absurd, brutal, and inhumane, not to mention in direct violation of the Geneva Convention. Arafat lives as a sequestered head of state, ignored and deserted by a modern world, while Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and a few other misguided fellows continue their plot to blow up the world, unpunished. It now is evident that the U.S. military operation was and is a farce if not an outright strategic fiasco, as Bush son just as his father did eleven years ago has not delivered the strategic catch prize, the end of the war on acceptable terms. Indeed, he openly announces a decade long military build-up against an enemy without a face that may in fact not even exist in strategic reality, or that could have been defeated years ago. It seems we have come full circle in this saga of the 'circle of evil'.

I believe Clinton's words when it comes to North Korea, a phantom nation not really capable of any evil. There are much better, inclusive and constructive ways to deal with the Koreans anyway than to throw them into simplistic soups of alphabetical notions. This black and white extremist and polarizing idea of 'who is not with us is against us' is ultimately going to come back to its sender, just like any quantum physical law of motion, such as the third law, whereby every action provokes an equal and opposite reaction. It is time to re-think U.S. and European diplomacy, but I hate to say that based on astrology, we missed the opportunity on November 7, 2000, as Mercury stopped dead in its tracks. It is time for a strategist to impart fair and balanced wisdom to a world gone insane if not ballistic. I will try to accomplish this task.

In a few weeks from authoring this memorandum, between May 25 and June 11, 2002, Saturn and Pluto are to meet in a rare opposition, where they met on 9-11. This time, however, Pluto is almost touched by the karmic South Node, while Saturn moves over the North Node of Destiny, joined by Moon, Sun, Venus, and Mars, during all of May-June. Due to this, I believe that many Western cities - London, New York, and Washington, D.C. - stand a clear and present threat of being terminally destroyed. Maybe we ought to evacuate soon?

The astrological signature in place is triggered once every few thousand years, as Pluto takes 250 years to come to this point. The star gate alignment thus formed will herald ultimate change to this planet. I do not believe that many people are aware of what danger this planet is in. Nostradamus saw clear. And the 16th high card of the Tarot just manifested its picturesque icon: a tower sliced in toast. Not one, but two towers fell, as Saturn stood in Gemini, to make the point. But there is more to come. Watch June 10th, 2002, 7pm EST, solar eclipse, and pray!

In 2004, when Enron's investigation will yield the result of the truth, or of what is left of that part of the truth which nobody could suppress, it will become evident how the Presidency was paid for, and which agenda was indeed really followed. At that time both the United States' and its President's natal birth charts will see Saturn transiting Cancer on their respective Sun around the 4th of July, 2004 - back to the cave -- the symbolic time of pay back for karmic insults, when Saturn hands down the judgment of the Universe. Responsibilities and restrictions will be placed on nations, corporations and humans born with planets in Cancer. The upside to this is a test of time and a reward of international 'safety'.

I hate to predict that the ringed planet of structure and father of time will also start to encircle the Dalai Lama's birth Cancer Sun, and thus, his Holiness' health can start deteriorating severely, leaving the world sooner or later without its conscience, sadly so, while nobody keeps the Chinese in check, and nobody addresses the atrocities committed against human and spiritual life in Tibet, and elsewhere. We will move inevitably towards total warfare and a turn into a war economy, just like in 1941 when Jupiter and Saturn squared Pluto. A seventy-year cycle began in 1931, and was renewed on 9-11-2001. I do not like to be the bearer of bad news, but things look grim for 11 to 22 years ahead, because of some questionable election, in a cloudy November night, in 2000.

Pluto in mid Sagittarius opposing Saturn in mid Gemini for over 18 months until March of 2003 will keep the situation stand still in a star gate spanning 180 degrees and billions of miles. Mired in this military, economic, and spiritual conflict of such inter-planetary power, dark forces (Pluto) will be unleashed to herald the break-up in matters of belief systems (Sagittarius). What is right and wrong will be discussed and checked for information value, as Saturn in Gemini wants to know the inherent, and actual, factual truth, looking for a calculating cosmic mind with two potential solutions. Yet, 'Truth' has many faces and multiple facets.

The vice-president will be asked many questions to contribute his truth, and I dare say he will take his to the grave, probably while still in office, as his health is ill aspected by transiting planets. Another man of the sacrosanct military-industrial complex, thus further infuriating peace loving European allied nations will replace him. The tomb of secrets will be reopened when a new President will be elected. Chiron in Aquarius at that time symbolizes a healer of the world, he or she who can heal the world but not himself, or herself, as the case may be.

This planetary screenplay sounds like the storyboard for The Lord of the Rings' next installment: 'The Towers'. If New York's evil twin towers of greed and deceit are rebuilt, in the name of exploiting humanitarian materialism and shallow concepts to kill everything divine in sight, then the entire island will be sunk. Manhattan was initially stolen from the Indians centuries ago, their shamans were slaughtered, their wives raped, their children disinherited and disenfranchised. The payback in Karma's terms has only just begun. Wall Street will be forced to redefine a new place and method of business, where the economic and spiritual truth will have to be monitored by ethical watchdogs to protect the innocent. Forces of good and evil will clash in New York until 2012, when the Mayan calendar ends in a portentous alignment discussed further below. I'm also concerned for Albion - and Arab pay back for Lady Diana. If I were the magician of the queen, I'd move her to Siberia, or to Alaska. The English Monarchy is at the end of its life by June of this year.

My attorney - a compassionate and tenacious Scorpio moon native like myself - once declared in a moment of deep philosophical conversations that at the base of every great fortune lies a dark deed. He then proceeded to reel off the examples from Ford to Flagler, from Vanderbilt to Rockefeller, and from Kennedy to Bush. But then, my lawyer has nerves of titanium and guts of steel to match his heart of platinum. I ask the Major of New York to look into his place's and his family's legacy, and to start thinking what really would behove the New Yorkers in their highest self interest, or to see if maybe, just maybe, there are some hard lessons Saturn meant to teach New Yorkers, and by extension, Israelis living in New York City. Maybe the lessons are just only starting to sink in. And maybe, there is yet another karmic test to be passed, sooner than later. In Gemini, we always get a second match-ball for the tie-break.

The Islamic side of this war game equation is in bad shape too. I charted Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden's birth charts for months. In Bin Laden's case, astrologers use three questionable birthdays. Be this as it may, both perpetrators, and their groups, are headed to their respective appointments with destiny soon.

However, even when both men are out of the equation, others are already in place to take their operations to the next level. French investigative reporters and the global intelligence community know within reason that Islam's fundamentalists have not even started to achieve a fraction of their well-laid plans - designed to make the other side, our side, implode on itself. They are following several scenarios in India, China, Russia, Arabia, and on the oceans too vast to be monitored. I would not put it past them to have consulted with expert geologists, and astrologers, for that matter, to time their attacks. These attacks may not be aimed in first or direct line at Western cities. There may well be a plan in place - like a fuse - that might take a few more years to manifest the ultimate change of the planet's face. The tectonic shift alignment of Pluto-Saturn could be interpreted as a natural catastrophe. For instance, a volcano might erupt, a fault line in the Atlantic blows up, bridges fall, tunnels get stuck, waters are polluted, air becomes non-breathable, etc. All these visions are documented in many of Nostradamus' works. I studied and calibrated his texts for years, comparing them with my astronomical knowing. I believe though that the disaster has a man-made origin - of evil intent.

An in-depth astrological look at May 14th, 1948 (Israel's foundation date) shows the fate of Israel, of its ally India, and its enemies Iran, Iraq, and other belligerent nations starting with the initial 'I', the 9th letter of the alphabet. These nations will all go up in smoke sooner or later, unless they make peace and start to co-exist. When Saturn reaches Leo in 2006, and when Neptune squares the Israeli Taurus Sun in 2007, both the children and founders of the Promised Land will suffer. The alliance of India-Israel-U.S.A. against the rest of the world will pay an exorbitantly high karmic price for very shortsighted strategies. By September 2010 and 11, respectively, as we will see below, when Saturn in Libra is in afflicted aspects to Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto, we will see alliances break up, and the hot part of World War III will be entering into effect. Nostradamus predicted an eleven-year war, and astrology supports this trend now. To be sure, this is not a funny time.

Arafat and Sharon's birth charts would make either for a great marriage couple, or for the evil twin brothers Cain and Abel, whom they symbolize in the beginning of this century. Bush has in essence withdrawn from the situation, busy closing the hatches on the Enron issue. Nixon and Haig showed us how these tactics invariably come all out in the wash. A high-powered friend of mine in the CIA with his own brilliant mind and his independent way of knowing and trusting and sensing what really goes on below the surface, has informed me that Sharon has obtained the quiet nod from Bush's administration to do whatever he sees fit with Arafat. Openly, the U.S. vice-president and Sharon are quoted having issued a death wish on Arafat. Even non-uttered thoughts are paid for in blood. Advice to Bush: Get a grip on your few 'good men'. Send in some credible envoys, like Jimmy Carter, to defuse things. You are losing your credibility by 2004 and with it your allies. As a consequence, you will not deserve the world's respect. Stop isolating us - circulate!

We are told ships with arms from Iran to Palestine are being intercepted, when nobody knows if this is really true. What if Israel's Mossad staged it, just like Hitler staged the September 1939 attack? Arafat denies it, what does he care, he is the heart of Palestine, living in a compound in view of Israeli tanks' gun barrels. Sharon is a Pisces, while Arafat is a Virgo, thus the complementary opposite. Both leaders sport their moon by birth in Taurus, steady and tenacious, unyielding and attached to the past. Both men feature prominent and dangerous planets in Aries, not a good omen to implement the peace accords which Clinton and Barak had come within inches before the ballot recount began while Mercury stood retrograde stand still in the last degree of the scales, in Libra, on November 7, 2000. If the heart of Palestine bleeds, there will be hell to pay.

Maybe Al Gore and his tortured soul should have swallowed his Aries ego and let the generous and chivalrous Leo Clinton promote his campaign. Nobody wants to know what Gore has to say as he botched things up. Try again, Al! Meanwhile, Clinton gives grand dinners in New York explaining his views of things. Too little, too late. And Shimon Peres, ever the suave and mysterious magician of Israel's foreign policy, tries to weather the storm. He too should have displayed audacity, instead of playing palace politics. He is responsible of the manipulations and machinations that led to the rise of Sharon as he is of the fact that he does not understand the value of a clear cut prediction, as shown in the book "The Bible Code" by Michael Drosnin.

Had the opaque peace deal been implemented, so my CIA informer tells me, there would have been no 9-11. In fact my informer tells me the Bush administration had plenty advance knowledge of the 9-11 plot, just as it had of the invasion of Kuwait. Go figure, ask questions! Again, 6-10-2002 (11) is a target date.

And why a commander in chief directs his airplane towards a nuclear shelter bunker instead of facing the music in times of turmoil be absolutely beyond any ethical comprehension to a man educated by military academies. In the opinion of many bright and brave men and women a coward leads the Western world. There lies the power vacuum, to cause the actual problem - the credibility gap, and the trust issue.

We have no leadership, and thus no strategy, and no goals. We don't even have a reason to live, let alone one to die for. We await the return of the magician to show us his way. 'W', as they call him, has a Cancer Sun in the 12th house, challenged by badly aligned planets in Libra, which does not bode well for an active and assertive leadership. This loving man likes caves and dark rooms. He is said to have studied the impact of nuclear weaponry before assuming his Presidency. As if being President involves pushing nuke buttons. As if he were to fulfill a self-fulfilling prophesy or death wish of some sort. I am concerned about his trivial views.

Some of 'W's inner circle men start asking serious questions regarding his sanity and mission driven behavior. As if some horse riding Bedouin has given the Texan oil scion some higher calling or sense of destiny. A psychologist who trained the German anti-terror unit GSG9 suggested to me to ask as the Chinese Year of the dark water horse begins, if 'W' should not once again read the fine chapters of Revelations regarding the four riders of the Apocalypse. But then we are told of 'W's problems as a child with reading books. Never mind. It seems in any case that the leadership rests ensconced in secret hands - whose hands actually? - May I dare to ask, please. Who orders 'W' around?

I predict a terrifying end for Arafat, Sharon, and the world, if nothing gets done immediately. Intuitively I want to believe Arafat's honesty and integrity while I inherently totally distrust Sharon's every word and action. He has a track record of a bully and represents all the evil in the world, as he is an instrument of Karmic vengeance -- I ask of Arafat to subtract himself from the equation, by resigning, thus saving his life, to prove to the world that once he is gone, the real culprit is indeed the General who massacred innocent kids in 1982: Ariel Sharon.

I also ask of the Israeli military elite to overthrow Sharon before he unleashes the dark forces which will bring the inevitable end game scenario of retaliation in form of a dozen Arab nations with nuclear capability ganging up on the rest of the world, acting out of frustration and sheer despair. The last thing we need now is yet another real war. Yet, I think we are headed into it right away. The option we have, however, is to accept the way of the magician as the ultimate 'harm none' approach to life. For example:

Quit drilling oil and sabotage the planet, our abode! Synchronize the forces of good energies, and display innovative courage! Stop reacting, but act instead! That is the demand of Pluto. The yearlong Saturn-Pluto opposition symbolizes a potential oil crisis. There will be an unpleasant and uncomfortable winter in 2002-2003. Saturn opposed Pluto in 1931 and 1966, the years in which huge conflicts got quietly put under way. It seems that we will never learn.

Saturn in Gemini demands the search for the absolute. Saturn looks to the past. And the key to the future lies in the past. It is readable in the alignments of planets. Alas, the collective memory is being erased by the homeland security machines from all around the world, courtesy of Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius, blindfolding an illiterate MTV generation that just woke up to the reality of Saturn's return after 30 years. This generation would not even be capable of pointing to a country on a globe of the world, let alone know how to read a birth chart; not that 'W' would know any better.

Jupiter in Leo will give 2003 a dramatic dimension, while Saturn's entry into Cancer - its opposite sign - can reduce the sale of homes, inaugurating a downturn on real estate and the economy. September 2003 sees an opposition between Jupiter in Virgo on the one hand, and Uranus and Mars in Pisces on the other. Waters could be polluted, germ warfare can start, and misguided actions will be taken. The Internet will somewhat be diluted. Maybe the Chinese could get their way and sabotage all western computers with a global worm. Or some Arab fundamentalist might drop an airplane with a nuclear device and germs in the middle of the Atlantic, causing a tsunami on the Eastern U.S. and the Western European shores - to wash away a few cities off the face of the earth.

Ask the CIA, or the Mossad! They will confirm it to you, but not to the media. Or is maybe somebody in the inner circle intercepting the 'human' intelligence? Ask, and you will receive. December 1st, and 8th, of 2003, look like ominous dates, as grand squares and a heavy cross form in the volatile and mutable signs of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius. Jupiter aligned not with, but against Mars, both in square to Pluto - sounds like all or nothing. The means of mass destruction are not in safe hands, whatever you are told - the cannons are loose.

Passage 11 ** 2009 - 2011 Outlook

Constructive Ideas

Maybe we should check into the missing cargo ships, or see to it that all nuclear materials be confiscated by United Nations worldwide. Then there is the rest risk issue, i.e. where to dump it, or to shoot it into outer space - somewhere into the reflection of a golden eye. Don't fret - for tomorrow never dies. That is in a nutshell what I hear from the spy who loved me.

There are in this real world such things as cute spies who came in from the cold, and who retired under the palm trees of Palm Beach. They marry wealthy men, divorce, and then become 'good' friends with ordinary people and brilliant stargazers, exchanging thoughts, or considering one's reflections in a golden eye. Go figure who mirrors whom, as the missing part bears close resemblance to the known part - a super shrink.

This literary thriller - Magie Noire - has yet to be written - based on a true story - and developed into a major motion picture. Starring Sean Connery as the decent old man with wealth in retirement, Mel Gibson or Pierce Brosnan as the man from outer space who returned into the wrong space-time to figure out what is going on here; and Sharon Stone as the ever so frustrated, dysfunctional, and yet such fine spy, a pretty muse fending for herself in a world in which she tries to find a livable space - the lost soul of an angel. Then you add the real players - politicians bought by oil wealth, wells, and ordinary people who wonder why the media people always lie. The planet is not in good shape. That is what I am told. No happy end is in sight, I may add.

To counter all that, however, would assume we all agree on what has to happen to save our planet. And maybe also, we should stop arming and 'advising' other rebels without a cause, such as the Afghans who produced Bin Laden. And maybe we should look into the plight of the average Saudi human being, instead of fortifying an absurdly outdated government. Maybe we should simply start being cooperative worldwide, as opposed to competitive. And maybe we should form this world government sooner than later, instead of promoting these Orwellian schemes of 'safety' and 'security'. Nothing is ever safe. Life as such is inherently unstable and unsafe, there is nothing we can do about this fact of life, and other than to accept it for what it is, a law of nature. Even spirituality is a somewhat 'ineffable' uncertainty principle.

In the opening days of January 2004, the astrological picture of the planetary climate switches gears as Aquarius' ruler Uranus leaves its rebellious home for a seven year trek into Pisces, to form a mutual reception aspect with Neptune in Aquarius in 2011. Neptune rules Pisces and the oceans, yet spends another ten years until February 2012 in Aquarius, while Uranus slips into Pisces soon. We can assume all religions, belief systems as well as value systems and the global system management at large will be severely checked for their respective validity; trading suspended - flat-line? Welcome change!

Uranus will rip everything apart that makes no sense; you can rest assured of this well-documented astrological fact. Last time Uranus spent seven years in Pisces was from 1920-1927, the years of the grand illusion, while Neptune had delusion of grandeur in Leo, opposite the sign it finds itself in now. Either way, it does not bode well for the cosmic state of mind, as the shadows of the souls grow longer.

Be mindful of that fact too when you next make travel plans on the web. And ask what black widow spider sits in the center of that web, or who controls the electronic ballot master box, when you double-click your vote for the next head of state by pressing mistakenly 'N' for nuke instead of nurse. I do not believe that the Internet and World Wide Web as we knew it in 1996 when Uranus entered Aquarius and Pluto entered Sagittarius will exist in its present form. It could well be that power shortages would lead to a breakthrough in a new energy form.

Cycles begun in 1996 must be renewed or alternatively transformed in the Chinese year of the Dark Horse, in 2002, as the truth will fly in the face of sanity, transported somewhat mystically on the wings of Pegasus. We shall soon find out the truth that will set everyone free, by asking pertinent questions on an Internet controlled by some very dark and all-seeing eye. Knowledge is power, and he who gathers knowledge gathers pain, so said Ecclesiastes in 1:18 of the Bible. 'W' has that book on his nightstand. Keep reading it, or try the ancient Aramaic version and who shall seek shall find...

In August 2004, Jupiter in Virgo squares Pluto yet again, adding to the total information and media confusion a few months before the election. On the upside, Jupiter will aggrandize the analysis paralysis and quest for detailed truth ever so rampant in Virgo, yet the Pluto checkpoint in Sagittarius disposes of Jupiter's grand paranoia. It could well be that a major medical breakthrough would also be announced at that same time. If Arafat lives that long, he might get vindicated. Sharon's birth chart - again if alive by then - takes a terminal beating from both Pluto and Jupiter at that time.

The Presidential election of 2004 has a bizarre astrological signature written all over the wall of the firmament: Mercury, the messenger of the ballot boxes, reaches the end of Scorpio, where the truth tries to hide, and yet it will be investigated, and discovered. The Sun in Scorpio on November the 2nd is trined by the Moon in Cancer, a nice aspect beneficial to the Cancer candidate 'W', at that time sitting boss, will make people believe in the nationalist sound bites. Mars in Libra squared by Saturn in Cancer will make peace impossible.

In November 2004, Aquarius-Neptune squares the Scorpio-Sun, encouraging national treachery in the name of the nation, another ballot fraud? Nobody will see what is up or down. Venus aligns on Jupiter in Libra. Tons of moneys will be spent on defending and attacking the agenda. It could denote the breakthrough of two major artists too. There will be some beauty, sound and perfume in the evening's magic air.

Only a pretty woman could snatch the Presidency from 'W'. It may well be Clinton's farewell gift to father and son Bush. A female legacy to steer the world into a gylanic direction. I doubt it though, as the Venus-Jupiter conjunction on election night shines a movie star light on 'W's birth Neptune. Furthermore, 'W' experiences a Saturn return, another indicator towards a renewed lease on life. I think he will be re-elected.

If the war agenda has progressed far enough and the belief is deep felt enough that only 'W' can end the war he so successfully launched, then his is the world until 2009, when Pluto will start to undermine the humanitarian and tectonic structures in Capricorn. The world will take a deep breath when 'W' takes his final bow in January 2009, on a cold, but hopeful day.

Whoever comes in next will have a cleaning job of plutonic proportions ahead. If you need help, feel free to call me. I'd be obliged to show you a new way out of 'W's legacy. In the military, they code-named me the 'cleaner'.

"Then he said to me, do not seal the words of the prophecy
of this book, for the time is at hand."
Revelation, 22:10

"What is high will plunge to the depths, and what is low will be elevated." - Nostradamus

Passage 11 ** 2009 - 2011 Outlook

Part Two: Beyond The Bush Years

Circular Considerations

Finally, we analyze a potential future beyond the extended now, buried somewhere in the collective subconscious and sleepy state of suspended animation - while realizing awareness that we have choices to opt from, as we awaken the future by making it our present. When the Americans elected 'W' yet meant to elect Gore, they set the stone of destiny in motion. Beyond the age of 'W' and beyond the edge of nowhere lies a time mired in wars, as predicted by Nostradamus, and as is visible by studying astrological alignments into 2012, and beyond that era.

Let's take a sweeping view at a plutonic time span: To 'consider' means to do it 'with stars' - con sidera - Latin root word of 'consideration'. My preferred hands in that galactic clock of destiny are the master of time Saturn, the wise man Jupiter, and the overlord Pluto. To measure the state of the soul of the planet's population, we look - from time to time - at planet Uranus who is always good for a shocking surprise effect, an upheaval, rebellion, or fundamental revolution of values.

The serpent charmer's 24 year run

In 2007, on 12-12, easy to remember, Jupiter will join Pluto in the galactic center of wisdom, at 28 degrees of Sagittarius. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, higher mind, higher education, and higher consciousness. One enlightened man will rise to fabled influence. He will speak many languages and understand many cultures. He will try to bridge the gap between belief systems, aiming the arrow of the archer pointing to the heart of the Scorpion, and he will charm the snakes, as the center of the galaxy is also in view of the fixed star called the 'serpent charmer', or the 'sting'. This man and his legendary smile will try to reorganize chaos itself, and he will attempt to re-unite a divided world. At least, he will be seen for a little while, 24 years I guess. He inaugurates the societal crack in the wall that will bring light to our perceptions.

Will he succeed? He will have one powerful ally, as high-minded as himself, yet with the means to save or to destroy the world. Such is the combined raw power of a Pluto-Jupiter conjunction - Pluto symbolizing the man with the means, or the man in power, or both, and Jupiter the smiling man with the perennial wisdom, and Sagittarius as the meeting place in space time denoting optimism and righteousness. This duo will last about six years, until 2013, when Jupiter says farewell in Cancer, returning to his shell, some sanctuary of refuge by the sea, opposing by then the plutonic desire for power in Capricorn. Sound like 'The Man With The Golden Gun' - as these stellar icons of destiny speak a soft, yet such prophetic language...

One Jupiter-Pluto conjunction brought Nero's incendiary fire to Rome, another one brought Napoleon to power. Jupiter and Pluto are usually all or nothing. The last Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius would have to take us back to the weekend of November 11th, 1758, during the reign of Francis I, holy Roman emperor, and the Seven Year War, at a time when the young founding fathers of the USA hatched their ideas in France and in England. In Sagittarius, Jupiter and Pluto tend to come up with great international schemes of long-lasting ramifications - the dawn of global magic...

It has then yet to be seen how these high end ideals will manifest when both planets move on into the sign of the horned goat Capricorn, in January 2008, when ruling planet Saturn wants to see the fine print in Virgo. Saturn opposes Uranus in Pisces until September 2009, which will lead to huge conflicts, as Saturn represents the old guard structure, and Uranus represents the untried and new ways. In July and August 2010, Saturn and Mars in fact slip into Libra, testing the peace accords, opposing Uranus in Aries, where all hell will break loose without any doubt. Jupiter, the wise man, stands still in Aries, applauded by the Uranian people, ready to wage war for his noble cause, still looking younger as he grows older, and wiser, while looking a timeless Saturn straight in the eye, with nerves of steel, and guts of titanium. It will be, to be sure, the balance of sheer terror. The first seven days in August 2010 will be remembered in History for a very long time thereafter. Pluto, overlord of nuclear power, will arbitrate the match in Capricorn, not knowing where to turn for help, as Jupiter says 'do it', and Saturn says 'don't do it.' At the end, Aries-Jupiter will get his way...

At the end of 2012, when the Mayan calendar ends, a mysterious star-gate forms between Jupiter - then in its opposite sign Gemini (where Saturn stands at the time of writing) - in a 150 degree formation to both Pluto in Capricorn, and to Saturn in Scorpio. Pluto and Saturn thus form a sixty-degree angle in mutual reception, as they rule each other's signs, and thus dispose of each other. The last week of 2012, from the winter solstice to the full moon, will see the Sun advance onto Pluto, plumbing the depth, while the moon in Cancer rulership opposes both Sun and Pluto - grand!

The aspect is called a Yod-Formation, or 'the finger of God', pointing to Jupiter's Cheshire smile. It is indicative of a breakthrough in science, in matters of universal truth, but is also significant as a portentous moment in tectonic shifts or new structures of society. Both God's space-time and man-made architectures could be experiencing a polar shift, or a change in climate. Whatever it is, the news will be carried far, maybe outer space, as the messenger planet Mercury sits on the rising in the vortex of the galactic center at that moment, in Sagittarius, a few hours before 2013 gets under way, at dawn.

The twelve years between 2013 and 2024 are marked by never-ending conflicts, the highest level conflagrations showing up in their potential around 2015-16. In 2024, Pluto will have reached its return after a quarter of a millennium, and its position of 29 degrees Capricorn, where it was when the USA was formed by its tenacious and freethinking captains of independence in July of 1776. A long cycle will end, forever. The American President who is sworn into office in January 2025 will greet a very different world. This person is among us now, alive, born, and destined to become and to be that leader who will carry the world on his or her shoulders into a time when Pluto enters Aquarius, to change things fundamentally. Jupiter will sit, yet again, in Gemini, talking in two tongues, but keeping it to him.

Where that time and person will lead the world is not yet pre-destined, as we have a choice to co-create our future beyond that point. Many of the people who have created and are creating the conflicts will no longer be among us then. Past 2024 is a good time to try to reach a universal level of cooperation and happiness in a joint venture of re-building a united world of citizens mature enough to embrace such ancient concepts as love, trust, tolerance, understanding, and mutual respect, to inaugurate a new and Golden Age with Pluto in Aquarius, and Saturn conjunct Neptune in Pisces, which means a spiritually enlightened era of love and happiness, if all goes well.

I am of the opinion that by 2030-2040 we need to move toward a global society with concepts of cooperation rather than competition as its base of values, and we will have to operate in a climate of spiritual magic, setting aside arguments of where the face of God and His destiny is to be found, as it is written all over the sky in stars, visible and understandable to all sentient beings who will have survived the conflicts and will have been taught this new, inclusive and integrating way of life. Our grand children will at that time be able to greet a new day with some sense of renewed belief in humanity's optimum potential.

We will be forced to accept nature and the planet as our abode and partner. We will have to devise a system management not based on 'real' property and money, but on mutual and joint achievements that can make all inhabitants prosper and benefit from each other's existence. There will have to be a world management, and a spiritual management, and a global forum with only one law and one faith for one world, with one citizenship, the blue planet itself. Until that day, we can either keep dreaming of that day, or work toward that day. That choice too is ours. Meanwhile we need to address the abuses of power, and make sure that such abuses can never happen again. We need to ascertain the way of the magician, and the ethical code of conduct enshrined by his magic law of 'harm none', and we would be well advised - all of us - to teach his concept to our new generations all around the world, because they will start asking pertinent questions - like why nobody bothered stopping the abuse when it was not yet too late.

We need to understand that whatever we think, say, write, and do, will affect everyone elsewhere, near or far, that quantum physics stipulates non-local resonance and ripple effects, and that we should all fill our hearts, minds, and lungs with positive life energy, and the belief that there is a magic way out of the mess caused by misunderstood and antiquated belief systems.

At this point we ought to move on to a new age, and to respect the writing on the wall of the stars and planets. We need to think of others more than of ourselves to promote universal happiness. New York on 9-11 was just one turning point among many others. The alarm bell sounded because nobody paid attention. Do we need another wake-up call? Pluto will be the judge of that. Astrologically speaking, never mind psychically, there are going to be a few more moments when the red markers of spiritual fairness and the alarm bell of Karmic injustice will sound over the fog banks of New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, and elsewhere. Those fogbanks might carry germs and nuclear fall-out. It is just not worth it to disrespect a sign of time.

2012 might right the wrong done by the attitude of not caring in the events caused by the few. The difference of fundamental impact is that we, the descendants of a Western school of thought, have forgotten the reason to live, and also the reason to die. While we do not even know why we get up in the morning, the other side, the dark side, the invisible enemy has enough reason to die. That is why ultimately our civilization is on its way out, and its swan song has begun. Unless and until we can muster the energy to find again a reason why we would live, and die for, we have given up on our magical birthright to carry on our quest for a new and kinder world. Our values and concepts of greed and competition have brought to all of us in the end the contrary of what we set out to defend: we have the loss of civic and human liberty at stake. And while our God given right of choice, freedom and with it our rites of passage have all but disappeared, we are going to have to face down an enemy of our own making: the men we chose to defend those liberties. Lest we see very clear, our battle of Armageddon is lost before we even begin, as universal fatigue is setting in.

It is up to us to decide what we do with the time allotted to us. I believe it is fair to say that time on the chess game of universal life is running out, that the red marker is going up, and that the next encounter with destiny may be the final one. Unless we respect ourselves absolutely, and until we understand what is in fact at stake, our whole existence, civilization, and race are at risk. I believe, I know, that our stars symbolize the end of time, as we knew it to be on our side. To fight Saladin, we must think like Merlin, in a timeless, yet timely manner. 1st of October 2031 is another marker in time, when Jupiter aligns with Mars, representing a younger man, in Sagittarius again, of high ideals - symbolic of the Jedi Knight and his pupil Anakin - to oppose Saturn and Uranus, how prophetic a time that will be, when we must renew our sages. Instead of Star Wars, we might make star love. May Jupiter's boundless luck be with you!

The leaders we have chosen to absolve this task have neither the intellectual or spiritual equipment to get the job done. In fact they do not recognize their appointment with destiny, and thus we must replace them, and look for a better man for the job, someone who can bring lasting peace to this insane world, who has the moral education and ethical talent, and the audacity to outlast the enemy within and without. Until this man steps forward, this planet is in very bad shape. By end of 2012 I would predict that the ground rules are to be changed. The new reference framework we will work with will have nothing in common with what we were taught. Thinking of oneself is misery, thinking of others causes happiness. Ground zero is about truth.

We may well have to start to learn how to live again, since we obviously have forgotten what spiritual and mental functionality was about as an entire race, and it may be just as well in the long run for all of us. If we have forgotten how to live, and what for, then what is the point in living? Pluto is the terminal avatar of change. The planet ruling death, and rebirth, the depth, mental health, wealth, and nuclear power, transforms our pale blue dot - planet Earth - in cycles of about 250 years. As the ice ball approaches Capricorn in 2009, we must find the structural solution, as well as the man for implementing the brave solution. I do believe, however, inherently, the universe is self-regulatory, and thus we will be handed a last chance to do it right. The seeds of wisdom are inherent to the opaque seeming turns of destiny, just as the seeds of destiny are visible to the magic mind of the ones who can read the signs of time in the movement of the faraway planets.

Now is the time to act, for now is the time to recognize the chance we are given. Saturn, master of time, is checking in with Pluto for a rendezvous on May 25/26 2002, during a lunar eclipse. The next handshake will be 35 years from now when new issues will be at stake, when the world's populace must work together to gather, and to be one. We are the ones we have been waiting for. The time of the lone star is over. We must recognize it in order to survive in a time of terminal change, we need to join to implement happiness. Cool, dispassionate, yet absolute happiness. You think this is unrealistic?

I have to say we have no other choice but to align our passions to the pursuit of a new set of ethics, and aesthetics. There is the potential for beautiful times ahead, just as there is the probable possibility for doomsday. So, why not move toward those happy times, instead of sinking deeper and deeper into despair, delusion, and negativity brought on by our own doubtful thinking patterns of distrust and dishonesty? If we project fear, we'll reap the storm, and if we show confidence, we shall harvest love. There is much light, and much darkness in the Universe, and on our planet, the pale blue little dot called Earth. Let us show the way out of the darkness, and move through the tunnel of time, and into the light. Our souls are held hostage; SOS, you ask which way to go?

The Alternative - A fork in the road

We can walk the magic path, toward detachment from the outcome, into liberated, free, Aquarian Age visionary times. When Pluto transforms elusive Pisces' utopian dreams from January 2044 to April 2067, we should try to figure it out. The last time we missed the opportunity was in 1798-1822. Where did we go wrong? This book suggests the way. Will you give me your hand, if I give you mine? Would you like to share this journey over the edge of nowhere? And see beyond the obvious, for the visible world is boring, whereas in the invisible we find truth. Listen to the ancient Chinese master Lao Tzu speak in his 'Tao Te Ching' - The Way and its Power: "The Man of Calling always knows how to rescue men; therefore, for him there are no abject men; The Tao of Heaven is 'furthering without causing harm'. The Tao of the Man of Calling is to be effective - without quarrelling."

"To be your own man is a hard business."
Rudyard Kipling

Let's agree on this, and be clear: Quit fighting! Harm None! Be functional! Work together! And most importantly: Let's all be such men and women of Calling. Let's manifest our jointly co-created destiny of being goal-orientated with purpose, being able and willing to help each other at all times. The C-word 'Competition' is out, and in comes the C-word of 'Cooperation'. Instead of beating each other in war-games, and losing it all, and each other with it, we might just as well start liking, respecting, and trusting each other, to realize our magic birth right - optimum human potential, or something as ineffable or uncertain as 'universal love'.

We can have happiness while Uranus is in Pisces, as of 2004, or we try again from 2012 to 2025 with Neptune's gentle trident - or post-pone it until Pluto will enforce it in 2044. We can live in the now and manifest it now - love, peace, and happiness. Or we can sit and wait. Do we want to waste two generations of people, or do we want to create them now? To create people who will be able to love others, we should try and make love. Who would want to argue the benefits of love and new life, and who would want to create discord and disagreement? Those who would prefer war and competition until death parts us, should be made to leave. Those who like to put a smile on their face, should be allowed to come forward. Should we die for what we want to live for?

Those who feel I am wrong I respect, and I ask them to leave me and my friends alone, if they cannot at least also respect us, the vast majority of humans around this globe who like to play a peaceful game of chess and love. Chess ultimately shows in an analogy of life that it doesn't matter because at the end of the game the time always runs out. Those who like war games must understand that unlike in chess, you can't put up new pieces to start a new game. When the final war game is over, it's over. No pieces will be left, not a single one. Do you want to wait until then to start playing the game of love? Or do you rather want to start this new game now?

An important last marker of time that some of us will see in this lifetime is in 2047, when Uranus in Virgo opposes Pluto in Pisces. At that time, we have to decide if we as a human race want to be of liberated and pure service, (Uranus in Virgo), or of transformed spirituality (Pluto in Pisces). Or both? Is the choice worth a rebellion? To lead is to serve, and to serve is also to transcend. And to transcend is to let go. Thus, I say that to lead is to let go, just as one equals zero in higher level math. Or, in the wise words of the master of 'The Art Of War', the so often misunderstood philosopher Sun Tzu: "Those who come seeking peace without a treaty are plotting."

The face of the enemy of the state lies in an ever-changing matrix of time. I posit this question: What kind of peace does General Colin Powell seek? And where is the treaty he offers? The winds of war which might approach sooner than we would like can give hope and point to the way of magic, a manner of non-doing, a fashion of being in the now - gift of the present moment. 'Winning without fighting is best' - the ultimate strategy of the great and humble Sun Tzu. We all learned it in our little war games' schools. In quantum physics it means we must subtract ourselves form the equation of conflict, competition, and drama. When we leave the tennis court, the other side can go play with itself. The intent of war is not peace, and the goal of peace is most definitely not war. Let's just walk away from the war-game - and see what match-ball the great leaders have left to play. And may the force be with you!

What exactly is it that we want to win anyway? That is the question. An acceptable answer is that we want to win appreciation, understanding, tolerance, respect, trust, and love. Put in a negative way, we'd like to avoid suffering. Do we really? For this we want to be valued. In order to achieve that, we should try to give love. Therein lies the strategic and spiritual peace treaty up-graded from Sun Tzu's tactical levels to the infinite esoteric realm of human star magic - love. If we want love, we must give it, and make it. Then we have happiness. There is no logical other choice than to inherently give, let go of, and accept love.

If we are suspicious of each other, we won't join, and gather, like the shamans exhort us in their call for coming and being together. If we don't unite, we might as well commit suicide. It is no longer about 'us' and 'them'; it is only about us -- all of us. Gorbatschew - a Pisces - promoted the same idea, and he used the tactic and strategy of openness, until Yeltsin came as an Aquarian to restore this insane balance of terror. Now, KGB's Putin - trained by a fear machine - wants to send the whole thing down the tubes with 'martial arts'. Somebody needs to intercept him, and teach him and all of us 'Venusian' arts instead. Venus rules art, Mars rules war. That is astrology one-on-one, for kindergarten pupils. Mars and art - I doubt it...

We tend to move backward, and react. We must at the lowest and highest levels understand a truism: A war-like operation, a competition, or conflict, is ultimately like a fire, and if not stopped, it will burn itself out - by virtue of itself. Functional insanity, or dysfunctional sanity? If two people don't trust each other, they are doomed, looking the other way. Look at your home life, your marriage, your parents, your children, and then look outside. If ten billion people don't trust each other, we can all forget it. Cultivate trust! Henry Kissinger - two-faced Gemini artist of both peace and war - once said with his mercurial understanding, that we don't distrust the others because we don't understand them, but because we do understand them only too well. I suggest you think again, and then kiss and make up! Not understanding one another is ultimately a non-sensical approach based on a reflection of distrust, and therefore of projecting fear onto each other. How about projecting hope, love, and faith instead? Of course, for this to happen, one has to start trusting oneself first. And so, the day we wake up to look in the mirror, and see love, is when we will project confidence, and reap peace. We'll get there soon. And we need no super computer to monitor the journey's progress.

It is on my way of the warrior-magician that I found peace, and I know to win without fighting is best. We all must drop our arms, now. We must stop warfare. We have to engage into some spiritual-psychological 'love-fare' game to promote the idea of cooperation in order to burn out the fire of war itself. Or we can just wait for it to burn itself out, as it will do with absolute certainty in a matter of time. Death begets death, and of nothing nothing comes. Now, in March 2002, we are spellbound to the depth of a Scorpio moon. Yet, we need to engage in another direction, and form an upward spiral of life and move the energy of life - 'chi' - around. May the great Cosmos regenerate us all, a.s.a.p.

You are old when your regrets replace your dreams. Trust, and empower yourself! Walk in, friend, when the entire world walks out!

Out of competition, no cooperation can be created, by definition, and by cooperating, competing dies. We must overcome the inherent anatomy of our human condition, and re-condition our human nature. As the creator became human, we're His creators. We need to embrace a way out of chaos by forming a bond with the one, any one, next to us, and as Pluto lands in Pisces in 2044, we will understand that we must form bonds with everybody; and yet be prepared to let go of these bonds - fluidly. We must walk the way of water, or take the path of least resistance, and move with the flow of time. What we resist will nonetheless persist - change.

We should not only form 1-on-1, or 1-to-1 relations, but many 1-to-many relationships. When we start doing this, we are all connected, in cooperation, co-creating destiny. Until we, the vast majority who already know this to be logically and absolutely true, are able to expel the few who disagree, we will carry on competing. Competition is toast - cooperation is all we are left with. The way of the magician is cooperation and integration, or alchemy at its best to make the best of it. Success in this joint venture of co-creation can be discerned, but not manufactured. The law of quantum physics suggests that we all affect each other, and thus, we have only one alternative, a no-choice mission: to convince each other that to co-operate is best. Jointly winning without fighting is best. And to win without fighting means to love each other. It is almost axiomatic, unproven truth felt in the heart of darkness, and in the siege of silence that will be sensed over the decades ahead of us. We must try finding the exit sign - 'happiness', and taking it. Just sitting in caves, alone like virtual hermits, looking through windows by micro-soft, won't cut it either.

Find an exit - a new entry! This sign, 'happiness', lies within us: You, anyone, and me. We had better flag it sooner than later, and project firepower by an ancient Nordic rune symbol of peace - that little elk sign. On a personal level, we can signal it to each other every day, by smiling, waving at each other, by shaking hands, making love, and all that good stuff. However, on a collective level, we ought to self-impose it on us, by creating a new symbol of cosmic consciousness, awareness with intention, thought directed and manifested into the orbits of God - well, we should all wish upon a star gate from time to time. Send your wish of peace to Jupiter! He'll make it happen - ever so happily.

By releasing a magic wish, you send the energy of your aligned, linear, and pure thought to the stars, and you send it on its way by 'putting it out there'. And as you do so every night in your spiritual prayers, you must always remember the mysterious 'Magician's Mantra':

To Know - To Will - To Dare - and - To Keep Secret... Keep this to yourself too, and you will do well. Share it with your friends, and you and they will do better, as the Universe responds to your true needs. While we wish upon a star, we should all aim for that star gate together, because we have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying, for - even if we miss, we will land among the stars. The planets mirror us, as we mirror the stars. It was the golden warrior and magic mind Lawrence of Arabia who wrote it:

"I wrote my will across the sky in stars."

If you look up at night into the purple velvet of the universe, you will see a band of stars, countless, so many, spread over a sphere, a cosmos set in motion to symbolize synchronized propulsion, eternal cycles forming star magic's sole intent - to co-exist. Time has come to ask our lucky stars to wish us luck, while we are still alive to count our lucky stars. Time is hard to find, and easy to lose. Good luck! - "Anail Nathrock - Uthvass Bethudd - Dochiel Dienve" ...

Passage 11 ** 2009 - 2011 Outlook

St.Clair was born in Switzerland. Studied law & political sciences at Zurich University; served as a Swiss army officer - assisting a general - before leaving Europe, beginning his career advising high-profile clients in special situations world-wide.

While he applied his knowledge as strategic astro-physicist, he built a steady record of vast and highly accurate economic, social and political predictions, for which he is esteemed.

St.Clair is the author of internationally acclaimed Light-Seeds, also available in three books: Zen of Stars - Advancing The Light, Zen of Stars - Designing A Sane World and the sequel FORESEEN Beyond Time.