Magi of The Golden Age

"St.Clair's gifts are Prophetic as he was born with Mars in Gemini by 'Arachne' by the Ancients."

- Rev. Aphrodette North, PhD

A Presentation of St.Clair's work

About St.Clair

St.Clair, a prodigy child, was born in Zurich, Switzerland on 28 February 1959. His father was a practicing psychologist, his mother a leading journalist. Today St.Clair is the worlds foremost strategic astrophysicist with a vast and highly accurate track record of economic and political predictions. As a young man he studied law and political sciences at Zurich University and also served as a Swiss army intel officer before beginning his career advising high-profile clients in special situations world wide.

After twenty years of advisory activity and of esoteric and economic studies, while living in Florida, he created in 1999 a stunning twin work of cosmology and metaphysics. St.Clair's 'Atlantis Oracle' & 'Icons Of Destiny', redefining mundane astrology and divination, revealing other forces delineating the future of mankind.

In 2002 St.Clair aired nine highy popular radio shows in Palm Beach, called "Passage11" on WBZT. In 2004 - after being interviewed by Jeff Rense and Lou Gentile on their respective radio shows, St.Clair published his acclaimed book "Passage 11" on the internet, which some have termed the true spiritual thriller of our time.

The origin of his own work and thought process is a mystery. It is brought to the public by a source St.Clair calls his ET guidance. "Passage 11" is as much a spiritual revelation of unmatched proportions as it is a soul-expanding adventure into the profound discoveries that await humanity: It explains in easy to understand words our true History and its Cosmic genetics.

In 2005 St.Clair began to see the development of a future Contact Center, and the spread of Radiant Zones. Sacred islands of light appearing all over the earth, as well as a City of Gold in the land of the Alpine Celts. His web site is consulted daily by thousands who actively prepare for this crossing into the 5th world cycle.

St.Clair's core message is: 2012 will see the ending of time and the merging of new realities. Reclaim your own power! St.Clair teaches Awareness, Transformation and Intent - to access the silent knowledge as he guides us on our inner progression towards sovereignty and self-responsibility.

Light-Seeds: Futures of Planet Earth

How will you survive the earth changes starting in 2007 and know how to deal with what is coming?

Alien controlled governments are going to let billions of people die. This prophetic book "Light-Seeds" reveals crucial information about the plan to enslave humanity. Find out how we will soon rediscover free energy and peaceful technologies to move beyond this extreme challenge.

You will realize that you are an awesome power, and that your self-empowerment emanates from within. Strategic astrologer Michael St.Clair, whose predictive track record is second to none, sees through the illusion of time and shows how we will overcome the dark force.

He represents the Indigo generation, advising the 'special ones' - the new leaders of a changing world. His timeless vision empowers you to free yourself from the known. Mankind's previous existence was about world dominion. The future will be about human sovereignty.

The thousands of years old attempt to create a New World Order and from there a One World Order tyranny is extra-terrestrial by design. Knowing our true history, that we came from the stars, we will create a world wide federation based on free will and intelligent co-operation.

Light-Seeds - changes the world - explaining the most complex truths in balanced ways. It goes beyond any form of spirituality as it is more than just a wake up call for the planet. It is the book of human ethics for the 5th world. St.Clair has been called by colleagues 'the Isaac Asimov of ascension'. His enlightening and inspiring message is about how you reclaim your power in a world under siege. Light-Seeds

Passage 11 ** 2009 - 2011 Outlook

St.Clair was born in Switzerland. Studied law & political sciences at Zurich University; served as a Swiss army officer - assisting a general - before leaving Europe, beginning his career advising high-profile clients in special situations world-wide.

While he applied his knowledge as strategic astro-physicist, he built a steady record of vast and highly accurate economic, social and political predictions, for which he is esteemed.

St.Clair is the author of internationally acclaimed Light-Seeds, also available in three books: Zen of Stars - Advancing The Light, Zen of Stars - Designing A Sane World and the sequel FORESEEN Beyond Time.