St.Clair's Successful Predictions

See What He Sees Ahead...

St.Clair's "Star Wars" prophecies - a series of inspiring and recorded predictions made over the past few years - from 1999 to 2004 have earned him an international reputation as "the world's foremost predictive astrologer".

In 1999 - before George W Bush announced he would run for the Presedential election - St.Clair predicted that, not only would he run; but that he would become President after a ballot recount.

Predictions Already Fulfilled

1999 - Bush 2000 election victory and ballot recount
1999 - The "world under siege" (at war) beginning 2003
2000 - 2001 Israeli Sharon election / marginalization of Arafat
2001 - Switzerland to join the United Nations; fulfilled in 2002
2002 - Chirac, Schroeder Re-election weeks prior to elections
2002 - Exact date of the US attack in Iraq
2002 - Extended US presence in Iraq and the present uprising
2003 - Alien space ships observed over cities world wide by 2007

In 2001 St.Clair predicted:

Bush 2004 re-election
Assassinations or removal of Arafat and Sharon by 2007
The discovery of new space energy, a new cosmology,
and a new mathematics: The Vortex Theory
Transformation or end of the State of Israel

In 2002 St.Clair predicted:

US to be defeated in Middle East
Defeat of Tony Blair as British Prime Minister
Western economic collapse and oil crisis beginning 2006

In 2003 St.Clair predicted:

Institution of military draft in the USA
U.S. revolution/civil war 2014/2017
Total collapse of U.S. housing market
Value of gold to double
Weather control weapons impacting the earth
New DNA discoveries show the true extraterrestrial origins of man
Indigo Kids (born in 1959-99) to lead a new earth by 2013

Passage 11 ** 2009 - 2011 Outlook

St.Clair was born in Switzerland. Studied law & political sciences at Zurich University; served as a Swiss army officer - assisting a general - before leaving Europe, beginning his career advising high-profile clients in special situations world-wide.

While he applied his knowledge as strategic astro-physicist, he built a steady record of vast and highly accurate economic, social and political predictions, for which he is esteemed.

St.Clair is the author of internationally acclaimed Light-Seeds, also available in three books: Zen of Stars - Advancing The Light, Zen of Stars - Designing A Sane World and the sequel FORESEEN Beyond Time.